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File Servers

Computers are like shoes, in that one size doesn't fit all and that you have different shoes for different purposes.  With that in mind we have listed some example systems for you to examine. 

The common element in all of our systems is quality.  All computers on the market are made from components manufactured by different companies.  Regardless of size, all companies pay about the same for any given component.  The only way a company sells a computer for a lower price is by putting less in the machine, providing less service, support, and warranty, and by using cheaper parts. 

One of the facts of life is "You get what you pay for" and that is very true with computers.  Our systems carry not only our warranty, but the warranty of each component manufacture.  These companies are the leaders in the industry such as Intel, Western Digital, Kingston, Samsung, Teac, Sony, and Microsoft. 

We are a small company, but we stand on the shoulders of giants.

enVision 925X

The Ultimate in Desktop Performance...

enVision G-lite

Basic, Affordable, Complete Systems...

enVision 915G

The Business Workhorse...

Workstation Class Machines

For When a PC isn't Enough....

File Servers

Real Servers for the Heart of Your Business...


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